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#Capitalism is based on improving efficiency. The drive is for more production at lower cost to improve margins. The most productive and profitable way to reduce cost is to automate and innovate ways to reduce labor. This helps reduce the cost of producing raw materials as well.

Today between 50-80% of all service industry jobs can be automated saving a lot on the human labor part of the operation.

The domestic labor force has shifted to the service industry as a result of capitalism's drive to lower labor cost by exporting jobs abroad where markets are less regulated and labor costs are lower as a result. Think in terms of #NAFTA and #MadeInChina.

It should be clear to anyone who understands the basis of #capitalism that it's a system, from its inception, that is driven to improve profit by constantly improving efficiency. This funnels improved profits to fewer and fewer people by reducing labor costs which reduces the work force.

Many a competent and dedicated employee has done a good job making a modest wage while generating a reasonable profit for his employer only to have his specialized career yanked away from him in the interest of serving the mighty profit engine of capitalism.

For many in the labor force finding a replacement job with comparable compensation/benefits is beyond available/reasonable means.

#Capitalism is a system designed to defeat itself after funneling all the wealth to the top.

#WeCanDoBetter, #humanity deserves better.

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