US is trying to ban wearing masks at protests

in capitalism •  6 months ago

We truly are making america great again. Great at what it has always been great at, destroying freedom. One "person" has been killed so far by anti-fascists, the group this new proposal is targeting. The fascists they oppose on the other hand, have killed 670 since 1990. Although that's still nothing compared to the amount of people who starve to death every year, or the amount this wonderful country bombs to death in these wars to sustain capitalism a little longer.

But trust me, the solution is voting. That is the only possible way to stop this. Go to a box and use it to tell the people who's very livelyhood depends on working against your interests in every way they went too far too fast. That's how you fix this situation, trust me.

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This is the Act in question the authors are referencing here as they make their points. Though if this act doesn't get passed, it will be pigtailed (tacked unto a law secretively) to another act until it gets passed.

Want to be sure facial recognition technology is not impeded in any way. What is a mask? If I wear a veil for religious reasons, is that a mask? If I pull a hat down over my head and a scarf high on my neck, is that a mask? What is intimidation? Is it what I project, or what the other person feels? This is the most absurd piece of legislation--or maybe not the most. Just really scary that this notion can gain any traction at all.


yeah, it's just the ruling class trying to take away our rights yet again