Mount Rainier Photographs

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Here are some photos from a recent trip I took with my dad southwest of Mount Rainier in Washington State. We were in the Ashford highlands in the Glacier View Wilderness. We took a dirt road toward the Glacier View trailhead and these are some of the photos along the way.


The forest road from the entrance to the highlands. Sorry the road was bumpy so the picture was a bit fuzzy.

The photo here was further up the hill. These photos were all taken the same day so it was kind of cool to see yellow and red autumn trees at the entrance but further up everything was still green.


Here are some more close ups of the mountain.




These shots were taken facing North from our position.



Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures. It took us about an hour of driving up a dirt and gravel logging road with huge potholes and enough room for 1 truck in places to make it up here. It was worth it in my opinion.

These are all taken by a Canon Eos Rebel T6

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