Disappointed with Canon

in canon •  last month  (edited)

I was a little bit excited about the new cameras from Canon.

The thing is, I care about video quality. Originally Canon was the leader when it comes to video quality on their cameras. However most of their cameras still did not support decent 4K video quality.


The new 90D, which is the price point I am comfortable with now will come with 4K, but only in 30p.

That is a bummer. 30p is a challenge when stuff is moving, so does not work well in many situations for me.

I may have to switch.

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What is it with Canon? They always seem to just fall short. Maybe they're limiting 4K, similar to the reason Apple won't allow removable storage in their iPads. Who knows, they may have some fantastic reason for doing so that they aren't sharing with us.

Yes, when it comes to the 4 K, Canon is not good in it ( except the 1DX M2) But still Canon have so far the best Autofocus System on the whole market. Not any any brand have as good autococus in Video mode as Canon. Thats why i am still at Canon.

I have 60D model before the DualPixel autofocus system. And was preparing to get 80D because of the DualPixel, but… in the meantime, I’ve got ill and had to choose lighter models. Unfortunately, Canon is restricting DualPixel on mirrorles. And then Sony came. They have buried DualPixel with their new autofocus in the A9, A6400, A7 III, and now in RX100 VII. By far the best autofocus…


i have both cameras, the 70D and the M50 and now the 7D M2. What i can say is, that the small mirrorless bodys are to small for my hands. And by far the mirrorless M50 is not a good camera when i need to work with it. Maybe otehr people, but my brain like more the old DSLR Body. everyone is different.

Aren't dedicated video cameras better (and cheaper) at this sort of thing?