Second Growing Season

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This is when the plant started flowering. We planted her a few months ago. And this is the progression of her flowering. It is summer now and quite hot, we had good rain in the winter and a few rainy days since Spring. It is green and thriving outside.


We thought she started flowering a bit early, but we can grow year-round.


The top view. I make a mount for the plant as it grows. It protects it from the bugs and it saves a bit of water I think.


In need of a trim. I should probably have started trimming earlier. But I am more of a lazy grower.
I grew three plants last year and have only run out of stock now. I have about 2 weeks of flower left.


Cape Town is revitalized after a few years of dry seasons. But some places are still very dry and we probably won't have enough water for very long.


Quick before the trim shot. I thought I will leave 3 nodes on each branch. And I feel I can take off a bit more as the two top buds are big enough. I am using natural compost that I make from the coffee machine which is grounded, roasted beans only, eggshells and all the organic waste the kitchen produces and urine. I also feed them molasses every now and then during the flowering phase. Other than that the earth has what the plant needs.


After the trim, you can see the buds a bit better. I tried to keep them limited to 3 sites.


She has flowered and grown quite a lot since the last photos. This strain is simply a land strain. I don't believe we can tell genetics if it is not tested. You can grow amazing weed by just caring well for the plant and give it what it needs. People are smoking a bud and reporting on what they feel and then giving it names/strains.


I am waiting for more of the hairs to turn auburn. I think I am going to wait for at least 80% color change before harvesting.

I have to make some oil as I actually have quite a bunch on trim and smaller buds that I saved for that very reason. I might end up smoking it.

I want to cut down on smoking and start experimenting with edibles and oil. But I don't eat sugar so I would need to get a low carb option.





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