HOW TO: 100% Pure Kief Blunt Wrap (step by step, with pictures)

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Hi Guys!

I recently made a blunt out of nothing but the crystals from my grinder. Its become a popular video on my youtube channel so I thought I would write out the process in an article here on Steemit :)
pure kief.jpg

Its a pretty straight forward process and makes for a really cool party trick. Lets get started!

You'll need:
Crystals / Keif from your grinder (you need like a gram or more for best results)
a flat iron / hair straightener
aprx. 10" x 6" piece of parchment paper (do not use wax paper)
a knife or small blade
Glass filter tip (optional)
a bit of bud for the filling

Before Starting:
Plug in and turn on the hair straightener/flat iron. You may need to play around with the temperature setting, but I used the minimum temp available (about 80 deg.). Also, break out some bud so you don't have to do it in a hurry and form it into a joint shaped log in a zig-zag. Set it aside. Fold the Parchment paper in half and give it a nice crease so it can open and close easily.

Step One:
empty out your stash of keif onto half of the piece of parchment paper. Spread the keif around so its in a thin layer on the paper.

Step Two:
The trichome heads are naturally sticky, so use the knife or small blade to chop up all the little lumps that have formed. The pile should evenly spread out and free of lumps.

Step Three:
Move the crystals to one end of the parchment so you can fold it over easily. Arrange them into the shape of the wrap you'd like to end up with.

Step Four:
Make sure the flat iron is ready to go. Close the paper around the keif and press the paper firmly between the flat iron in quick taps so you don't burn the paper or the keif. Do this until the keif has been heated evenly and has begun to stick to itself. If it's too hot it will melt. Too cold and it will crack.

Step Five:
Here's the tricky part. Open the parchment paper carefully, and delicately remove the warm keif wrap. Forming the keif into a taco shape helps with removing it from the parchment. You can also use the knife to help if needed.

Step Six:
Place the formed weed log into the Keif wrap and begin to VERY GENTLY roll the blunt. You can add the Glass Filter Tip at this point if you have one. If the wrap has cooled off too much you can breath deeply on it or gently feather it with a lighter to get it warm enough to form again.

And that's it! Find somewhere to chill and light up your pure keif blunt!
NOTE: the glass filter goes inside the wrap like a normal filter. Don't stick the wrap in the filter like a chick smoking a cigarette in the 40's lol

Let me know how yours turns out in the comments down below, I'd love to hear about your experiences with the Pure Keif Blunt. BTW. here's the link to the original video on my YouTube: The Pure Keif Blunt


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Get on Dtube! And loving it! @ganjafarmer approved! Following and sharing! Thanks for sharing!


Im starting up my dtube account right now on your recommendation! Gonna have to migrate all my content over there :)


Love it man! And it automatically posts! Gotta do a video and show the process! That's cool


Setting up to auto vote you!

Cannabis engineering at its finest! Doesn’t seem very easy to do but I’d definitely buy one of these pre rolled lol well done my friend

The kind of invention that needs to be smoked very carefully so you don’t drop oil everywhere! Looks awesome


Yeah man I'm thinking it's cool!