4 Ways To Use The OG Glass Chillum

in cannabis •  last year

Here's a video about the many ways you can use the OG glass chillum. Its a pretty useful tool if you get a little creative with it. The piece itself is pretty cheap (only about $3.00) but I got mine for free from the local dispensary.

The only bad thing about the OG Glass Chillum is that it gets really dirty, really quickly! It's the type of thing you should clean after every session so it doesn't look like a dirty old crack pipe, lol!

Here's the link:

I also created a simple Sherlock-style pipe in a later video to show how useful the OG Chillum has really become for me. That can be found on my YouTube channel. It was really easy to make and got the job done like a champ!

Tim Wocker

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