Filming "Hemp Cigarette Review #2"

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A more in depth review of Hempsmokes

If you struggle with nicotine addiction, then these Hempsmokes might be for you! I've been nicotine free for 8 months now after smoking cigarettes for 20 yrs. Its amazing to finally breath again! We are shooting the next episode tonight and may take the evening to edit it, so Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
And keep your eyes peeled for our next upload very soon!

And Shout out to all my Steem Followers! Remember We will ALWAYS ACCEPT SBD for CBD! :)
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I was talking about quitting smoking and yeah I made joints with filters. Killer way to smoke. But funny I forgot I was quitting smoking. Forgot alot. Including which pack was which..

Might include narcolepsy on the high THC ones! Ha!

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