Lemon Diesel Update

in cannabis •  9 months ago 

The oldest girl is really doing well. Shes ~4.5 weeks or so into full flowering and is smelling REALLY good, like a stinky citrus explosion... Shitrus is a good way to describe it.


My single purple girl is doing great. Shes about 3 weeks into flowering and is plumping up. Hopefully she will be putting on more weight with all the wonderful rain we've received recently.


This girl is also around ~3-4 weeks of age and is really starting to put on. She carries more of the genetic characteristics I've seen with 5-6 of the smaller 1-2 week girls with broader leaf shape and thought it has a strong lemon scent, the diesel smell is almost overwhelming. The smell of these plants travels. I will consider a less stinky verity in the future.


I've had to pull up 3 males recently, thankfully they didn't get the chance to mature and ruin my girls. I also found the dead lavender plant has helped keep bugs away from the plants. I notice the babies at the far end will get eaten when left there. I've taken to putting sprigs/pieces of the lavender in the pots and its pretty much eliminated the pests. As rainy season starts, I plan to bring the girls inside to finish their flowering.

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