Hi @ultratrain!
AC/DC is a winner. I will grow it again and without hesitation I can recommend it. It was the easiest of the 4 CBD strains that I managed to germinate and grow out this year. I found CD1 to be the fussiest.

Of the CBD strains that I grew this year, 3 have been tested (so far).

Here’s the results:

AC/DC 19.6%
Charlotte’s Angel 18.5%
Ringo’s Gift 17.6%
And CD1.

I am dealing with an autoimmune disease also. I haven’t been a big fan of CBD...I actually think it’s the anti-Christ but I value having a well-rounded herbal tool chest at my immediate disposal.

I was hugely surprised and impressed by AC/DC and Charlotte’s Angel.

Of the two, Charlotte’s is the happier strain but AC/DC was the stickiest plant in my whole garden and the over all winner (so far) in concentrated oil production by gram volume.

If you have the space, I would grow both. ;)

Thanks for that info. My wife had some benefits with CBD oil but also some 'generic' weed from a friend so will be interesting to try. She is dead set against big pharma and even mild prednisone makes her miserable. We live in an RV now that we retired so just a few plants is all I'll have room for (the front of the place already looks like a greenhouse with my pepper plants and herbs). Hopefully help with my inflammatory issues as well.

Cool @ultratrain!
My husband and I have also just retired. Like you, we right-sized our housing. (We’re living in 850 sq/ft but stationary).
I am like your wife. I have never used pharmaceutical treatment, instead corrected my eating lifestyle and use herbs...mostly cannabis. That has allowed me to stay able. (I have MS, but all autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions start with a damaged gut wall lining, so it’s critical to repair it and not keep damaging it with the food a person chooses to eat.)
Peppers actually should be removed of their skin, seeds and cooked before consumption because of their high lectin load. Lectins damage and drive inflammation sky high.
Dr. Gundry’s work helped me a great deal and I am more than happy to share. ;)

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