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RE: "Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome" (CHS) is actually Azadirachtin (neem) poisoning!

in #cannabis6 years ago

Really good to know! I have used neem for many things but I wasn't aware that it could be toxic to you. I know it is a popular "organic" alternative to pesticides and other chemicals to deal with pests and it makes me think that most flower people use is contaminated. It is really important people learn about this so we can keep the medicine pure. Thank you for the info!


Thanks for not shooting the messenger! I realize this isn't exactly great news, but maybe some good will come of it. Perhaps this will get more people to try more natural alternatives to sprays, even sprays made with "organic" compounds. Even if this just gets people to REDUCE how much azadirachtin is getting into cannabis for internal use, that's success to me.

I think that humans are very out of touch with nature in general so we tend to want what we want by any means instead of working intelligently with nature. Even if cannabis is only a recreational drug in someones mind they should still want it to be clean and healthy. But the truth is that it is medicine and it is important to be careful about what we are putting in our bodies. I have always really preferred wholesome, straight from the earth bud and not all these crazy outcomes of human tricks and schemes. Our species has had a relationship with this plant for at minimum thousands of years and im guessing it is only recently that we have felt the need to add all these chemicals. I think the more people learn about this the more there will be a push for better practices and even if it only changes 5% of growers minds well hey at least its 5% more good bud out there.

I hear you completely. I don't take a hard-line stance against fertilizing, or managing pests, but I value natural solutions far above chemical ones. Especially newly developed miracle cure products promising triple the yield. As for neem, the compound itself is natural, but maybe it isn't natural for concentrated solutions of it to be dumped into the soil of cannabis plants. Which is what we're often doing to treat bug and larva infestations. Maybe further research will show that spraying small amounts of azadirachtin on leaves, during veg stage only, and being careful not to allow any into the soil, is relatively safe. But as for me and my plants, we're going to avoid it altogether for the time being. Surely there's something else on this planet that's both effective AND totally safe when taken internally! One of the safest things I can think of is cannabis, ironically! Maybe we will develop some kind of pesticide out of cannabinoids? Wouldn't that be amazing and fitting?

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