Blue Dream the Migraine Queen

in #cannabis3 years ago

After a terrible night of fighting a migraine it would seem the Blue Dream is finally doing its job. I have never found a cannabis strain that will truly alleviate a migraine but Blue Dream is a strain that does one of the best jobs, at least for me.

If you suffer from chronic pain, please feel free to hit me up about what strains I prefer. I have suffered from chronic debilitating pain for 13 years and was once a terrible opioid addict. I overcame the opioids and have been successfully treating my pain with nothing but cannabis for over 4 years now.

I love to just get high but I also truly believe in cannabis as a medicine as well. Regardless of why you choose to use cannabis, I applaud you for it.

Be brave, Smoke, get paid, repeat.

The Last Sage


Blue Dream is such an underrated hybrid. Great choice! Upvoted :)

I couldn't agree more. I have grown this strain for a long time for chronic pain treatment in cancer patients and myself alike. It is a prolific grower with wonderful terpenes and a very calming, soothing effect. I am a fan as you can tell. Thanks for stopping bye.