Full Plant Extracts of Cannabis: Still Cheaper, Simpler and More Reliable Than "Approved" FDA Drugs

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For Those Who Missed It...

Edipiolex, the "cannabis" based medicine from GW Pharmaceuticals (UK) was just approved by the FDA for poisoning Americans. Look up the side effects list of Epidiolex and compare it yourself to the side effects of full plant cannabis extracts. Hands down, full plant extracts of CBD rich cannabis plants are significantly more effective, and less dangerous, than Edipiolex.Fully Reversed Early Dane female plant, for making feminized seeds of CBD rich strains

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby!

A $20 bag of Happy Frog soil will grow a decent sized plant.
A $60 bottle of 190 proof ethanol can make a LOT of extract from that plant.

The govt and pharmaceutical companies are happy with you paying "how much" for a drug that is less effective than your $80 extract and has quite a few harmful side effects?

Why Are We Letting Our Govt Deny Us Natural Medicine???


Its very crazy, and there's the problem on the streets up north England with homeless smoking Spice and becoming like heroin addicts laying on the streets. Its really sad how "drugs" that are legal such as spice (synthetic cannabis) is allowed which in turn gives ganja a bad name again, when they are nothing of the like. I really hope the mainstream media will crash soon and be exposed even more, turning people to go do their own research on matters. Somethings got to give, and soon..

Things are changing quickly in the states. They're either going to allow it nationally (each state writes their own laws) or there is going to be blood in the streets.

Since it was Amuhrika that pushed prohibition of cannabis, expect to see it fall quickly across the globe when they stop their efforts. Other countries are already legalizing as well, even if it's just medical.

Times are changing, a better future is coming for people+cannabis. :)

Yes indeedy! Im happy to be alive in these changing days for cannabis, it couldnt have come any sooner! Once countries see how lucrative it is buisness wise, they will all join in because countries like to keep their national rankings of wealth so , adapt or go poor haha!

It will start with the money and stay because of the health and social benefits. :)

That's really amazing post and photography.
keep it up @thecleangame......
Thank you :)

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