Such a honor to have someone up in Humbolt County representing Canna-Curate!

The honor is all mine to be representing Canna-Curate. Thanks again for helping me out and leading the way for me

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Yeah mountain living is forsure different. I imagine just like any where else, just got to mind you own business and have good folks around you. I live in Salinas, and it’s a violent town. But I gave good people and mind my own business. Cool video bro going to have to finish it when I get home

exactly, mind your own business and make sure you surround yourself with good folks for sure. I worked out in the mountains up here for a year so i lived it. I loved it too. Ill be doing it again but on my own farm :) Salinas huh nice. I drive through there when i visit SoCal. Didnt know it was so violent but never looked into it. As long as your staying out of the trouble. Thanks for watching I appreciate it for sure

Yeah it's got the highest murder rate per capita in the whole state. But I love it here

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