The three musketeers

in cannabis •  2 years ago 

Hello everybody😃

Three more plants are in flushing week.
Aurora indicia, Budha sativa, and massive haze. The last one is massive indeed☺


Here you can see a massive bud from the massive hazeimage

I can't wait to try this one cuz I threw out the last one for mold issues...
The hps lights are so hard to photograph with, everything looks so yellowish and dark. Does anybody have some tips for photographing in this conditions? Anyway, some more photos☺





The new plants in the flower room image

Thank you very much for reading💜

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Nice post man! keep up the good work

love your grow man!!

I love the massive haze friend that looks pretty firey from here : ) <3

Massive Haze Living Up to Its Name!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Long exposure and a tripod maybe?

I hope everything tastes as good as it looks.

Opaaa looks very good!!!
Telegrass here we come ;)

No, no, no. This is a butic weed, you cant have that on telegras...☺

lol gotcha...a private reserve ;)

Looks good brother! well planned.