Moving on to flower room

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Hello everybody☺

Today after one and a half month on veg, I transferred the plants to 11L pots and right to the flower room.



Each and every time you transfer your plant to different pots, you stress them. So I try not to move them so much during the whole cycle. In total, I start with plastic cups, move to 2L pots, and the final station are the 11L pots.


Here you can see the beautiful root mass image

Coco perlite comes from the factory full of salts and dirt so I must wash it thoroughly to take it all out.
For me, it's more convenient to wash the pots after the transplant, it saves me a lot of mess and dirt.


Now they are all in order to start their flower cycle☺ image

Thank you very much for reading💜

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looking great!!! I loving see your grow. Dont know if you seen mine yet, im always looking for ways to improve. stop by and check it out.

I am following you☺love your plants!

Lol! My bad, it’s so easy to lose track of people on this site . Might have to clean up the people I’m following. I do notice people unfollow me but i take it maybe they just don’t agree with my lifestyle 😂😂

I've used a few different coco brands in the past that don't need to be washed. House and garden, Canna and Mother Earth are all pure coco brands that seem to be washed well enough during the manufacturing process! Looks great, it's always fun starting a new round!

Ok, good to know. Unfortienetly we don't have those brands in Israel

Ah dang, gotta wash that coco then, smart move! Do you charge it with anything after washing? Calmag?

Cal-mag, root bacteria, and all the regular nutrient I use.