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High everybody☺

Things are rocking around here!
Vigorous vegetation in one tent, and middle of flowering in the other☺



Ones again I failed with timing my veg/flower cycle, to fill up all of the tent space. Hopefully, for the last time. For now, it looks like I manage to sync the who'll
thing together.


The veg pots are moving to the flower room in few days, the clones are well established and the flower room is one month to harvest, everything right in time.

Oh and I almost forgot larry🌴

Thank you very much for reading💜

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I'm really keen to get another grow going. But I'm always in fear my landlord will make a surprise visit.
I think it's about time we bin all the negativity and lies about this glorious and rather tasty plant once and for all!
Great post, there for you have one more follower towards your 420 goal :)

everything has a very good colour, that means that it grows with a lot of strength! You're doing great. You're doing great.

Nice looking plants👍 Shorties budding are always cool looking to me, shows people you can do things in small spaces

Looking amazing!

Each round is getting better and better. Soon you will have that tent so full you will want more space!!

Finnely something interesting on steemit :-)follow yours post and up vote them all ;-)


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So healthy ... good grow

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