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Hey Everybody!!!:)

We're STICKY FINGERZ REC+MED Dispensary located here in lovely Denver, CO:)

We are very pleased to announce that we've linked up with leading Cannabis Social Media Site WEEDCASH.NETWORK to offer a 10% discount at point of purchase on ALL of our products for customers who sign up with and actively post on the WeedCash website:)

Give us a like on fb and share with your friends and get unbelievable deals on our beyond organic flower , high quality concentrates, edibles, and merchandise.

Sign up with WeedCash and you will earn cryptocurrency when people interact with your posts. Ever heard of Login with your Steemit credentials and earn Steem as well as Weed coins, tradeable for for BTC and other currencies including USD.

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Get Paid to Get High with Sticky Fingerz Dispensary and WEEDCASH.NETWORK :))) Sign Up Today!!! Then drop by , show us your active account , share this post with your WeedCash and fb friends, Like our fb page at Fingerz Dispensary REC+MED ,save 10% on your cannabis purchases, and keep up with our special exclusive offers:)

Sticky Fingerz REC+MED Dispensary
3954 Williams St. Denver, CO
(303) 955-5531





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sticky fingerz logo.jpeg


As a business, this is a great way to use Steem. We need more real-world participation like this. Good job, guys!

Pretty soon, you’ll be accepting STEEM as payment!

And eos since weedcash is on EOS now!

Soon youll be able to sell weedcash for eos on newdex too. Weedcash will be the most relevant eos canna is dapp thanks to steem.

Thanks kindly @ats-david:) Looking Very forward to a day the we can do precisely that with STEEM , WEEDCASH, and other useful digital currencies:) just the beginning!:)

Sign up and register your account here join weedcash:) And use your steemit login credentials to login to Weedcash the same way as you would typically employ your Facebook credentials to login to other websites. When you post to weedcash your posts will show up on your steemit page too and you will earn Steem coins there as well when people 'Like' your posts. WELCOME TO THE WEEDCASH CANNABIS COMMUNITY!!!:)))

@props you proved me wrong! Lets get @harborcollective @harbormmcc next by purchasing some joints that we can use for weedcash promotion

We just buy iut the lot and sell them for 5 bucks instead or 10 or 14 and then ribber band some.weedcash flyers and instructions with 1 or 5 free weedcash i talked to @richard.crill about this. We can just have a weedcash product next batch and have a deal with existing cannabis prodict dealer snd just put weedcash logos on them

Very cool 😎 welcome to weedcash network. Next time I’m in Denver I’ll be stopping by for sure! You’ll go down in history as the FIRST dispensary to get onboard. 100% upvote and resteem.

Harbor collective is first onboard steem but yeah weedcash will soon have some logos on some joints and flyers inisde the dispensary and a few other dispensaries in san diego and we will get in all the local canna is magazines

Time we do a systematic outreach to as many cannabis free magazines as possible!!!

I have ri dedicate more time to helping all existibg weedcash usrrs who have put in the work

I have a large cannabis posting histiry before weedcash and i need to "rehash" some of my best photos and create a network of old thc and potcoin users who need a better cannabis neywork

We also have all the smoke io people we can bring back to steem heh

Thank you @choosefreedom!:) Appreciate you!!:))

Mad respect and when im in Colorado, this will be my first stop!!

Mad respect and when
Im in Colorado, this
Will be my first stop!!

                 - jonyoudyer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice to still see y'all posting

Hopefully the legislation in Germany will change soon. Our outdated government misses another great opportunity. Instead of protecting the youth and helping addicts with additional tax revenue, they prefer to leave the regulation to a black market that knows neither quality nor age controls.

Hey @hansgans:) We still have Prohibition states in the USA and many other places around the world too , so i'm sure some of the people here on this thread are directly feeling just as you are in this moment in 2019.. It's so heartbreaking knowing first hand that cannabis cures cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, relieves many other ailments , and simultaneously being aware that people are suffering and being denied their medicine because of Prohibition . We have a deeply compassionate health care industry around cannabis here in Colorado. It's really quite remarkable. Denver has even passed a ballot initiative to decriminalize psilocybin/magic mushrooms . And we did it with the help of serious professionals, doctors, in the mental health care industry who passionately and eloquently supported the decrim effort (along with some 90 thousand local voters) straight through to the victory. The one potentially positive thing about Germany legalizing cannabis that comes to mind could be that when you finally legalize and regulate there, indoor cannabis grows will likely be mostly powered by renewable energy. Whereas here in the States, thanks to wealthy polluting industry corporations and their political counterparts, we are largely powering our indoor grows with non-renewable energy sources. Leading to a Huge carbon footprint for the industry which is in the Billions of dollars annually in CO alone. Just a thought:) Germany will have legal cannabis soon enough i'm sure . The writing is on the wall for the nascent hemp and cannabis industry globally no doubt about it. And with sites like WeedCash we can speak our minds , celebrate ourselves and one another, and build cannabis community, cannabis related businesses, and political census toward a world where cannabis prohibition no longer exists. Thank you for your comment here , you are greatly appreciated:)

This is amazing! Will hit you guys up if I ever get back to Denver for sure! This is the kind of thing I want to see happen here in Oregon! Good to have an example to show other shops of how they can get involved with the weedcash community!


This is awesome!! Can't wait to come use my discount! Liked on facebook and tweeted

thanks so kindly for havin us @richardcrill:) its good to be here!!:)

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Hi @stickyfingerz
Welcome back

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