Sticky Fingerz Denver Dispensary Sea of Green:)

in #cannabis8 months ago

Look at this beautiful sea of green:)

You know you want some:))

Come in after 6pm for our 10% off select products Happy Hour tonite:)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Sticky Fingerz MED+REC
3954 N Williams St. Denver CO
(303) 955-5531
9:00am - 9:00pm


Just curious if there is any way to tour yours or other facilities in the area?

i'll definitely ask!!:))

We do not atm:) I just looked at their website and followed their Steemit account though:) We mostly carry products that would be considered organic or beyond organic.. Do you happen to know if Robhots falls in to this category?? Thanks kindly for the heads up, 50 mg gummies! This social media guy right here would certainly Love to try a sample of that:))))0 Appreciate you @broncnutz:)

@robhots is actully my company. I am one of the owners (we have 3 medical places in Springs named JP Wellness). We would love for you to carry our product, we just won the Top 5 in best products category from Leafly and we were the only Colorado company to be in the top 5. If you saw our website, you might have noticed the several hundred locations that carry our product. It's Hot man for real, I think you should dedicated some shelf space for it and see how good it does. You will be surprised how many people that come into your stores that will recognize our brand and buy it from you. If your interested send some contact info through the website to either Zach or Ryan who are my partners and run the day to day operations....please let them know that you have been conversing with @broncnutz on Steemit and would like some free samples, we can drop some off to you. You wont be disappointed.

Sounds great!:) We'll definitely reach out!:) Thanks kindly kind sir.. Very nice to e-meet you here on WeedCash:))

i made a video on my @broncnutz blog in our kitchen last week if you interested in seeing what we do.

niiiiccceeeee ,watching now:)) so pro, so cool.... want! lolols:))

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