Cannabinoid hypermesis syndrom

in cannabis •  last year

Recently there has been some contraversy about whether cannabis is causing people to become sick or whether pesticides being using to grow cannabis is making people sick , apparently some pesticides are labeled as non-toxic what they were not studied for is ingestion through inhalation. Inhaling smoke from a plant that was grown with pesticide create a smoke called hydrogen cyanide which is the same chemical produced from tobacco smoke. This is a very easy way to get sick no wonder the people that were actually producing these symptoms where the in legalized States where these study's were being done... These people were buying licensed producer weed which I can almost guarantee was sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers.

I will add a link below that talks about pesticides being tested in weed,

Also i will include the propaganda peice put out by msm to further demonize this plant for peoples descernment,

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