Smoke.Network's Munchie Mondays | Why Does Smoking Give Us The Munchies?

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Another slice of chocolate pie, yes please!

Does your tummy turn demand feeding each and everytime you hit a bowl?

And almost anything you see just makes you like..

And you forget about almost everyone else in your life except...

What causes this irrational craving that allows you to inhale a cupcake in a single breath?

It's all about chemicals and hormones.

Some facts. Most of us are aware by now that the ingredients in cannabis called cannabinoids produce a wide range of effects ranging from feeling "high" to anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. Our body also naturally produces chemicals known as endocannabinoids which are similar to the cannabinoids found in cannabis.

A recent study found that when consuming cannabis the brain acts in a rather unexpected way. When animal studies where fed cannabis they started to eat more, even when full. Upon study, they found that rather then neurons that
were responsible for letting the brain know the animal is full being shut off by cannabis exposure, these neurons went into hyperdrive.

"Shockingly, what we found was not only were [the neurons] not turned off, they were much more turned on," "All of a sudden, these neurons that normally serve the purpose of stopping eating become the driver of food intake," Horvath says.

The study concludes that it may not be a single neuron responsible and that the smell of those freshly baked donuts while high could not possibly taste that good... and that while consuming cannabis may hit you with the munchies, it also causes your brain to release an anti-feeding chemical, which could cause a phase whereby you actually eat less.

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