Week In Review Skybuds Grow room

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If you don't follow me on HIVE you likely don't follow my new grow series. I have been working on bringing a new grow video out daily. The idea behind this is to log my organic autoflower grow.

I am going to leave a recap of the last 5 episodes and the last 2 worm colony episodes.

Episode - 1



Episode - 2


I am actually nice and happy that in only 3 days I am starting to see some good life out of the autos from whitewidow.rocks


Episode 3 -

room #3r.png

The third update for the grow room, Lots of change today with the @bifbeans seeds coming in.


Episode 4 -


The @bifbeans seeds are now in the soil, I have done a layer of EWC over all the pots. This is what the plants will first root into.


Episode 5 -



Worm Colony

Episode 1 -

In this series, I am going to do weekly/couple day updates on the worm bins.

I know I have a few people interested and let me tell you it will save so much food from the landfill and you will have promo organic nutrients for your garden.


Episode 2 -

worm 2.png

The second week or episode of worm colony, In this video I rebuild both worm bins.
The first gets the next level put on to allow the worms to come into the new bin and migrate out of the finished castings.


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