Starting Cannabis Seeds - How To

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When it comes to starting cannabis seeds you will have so many different types of ways to start (germination). This post is going to go on about the ways you can germinate the seeds.

The way you start your cannabis seeds is likely to have around the germination rate. Although you will find some are a little better or faster than the other.


When it comes to the methods, I will talk about the three that you will mainly hear about. The three methods that I will be talking about in this post are:

Paper Towel Method
Peat puck/Peat moss
Glass of water
Paper Towel

When it comes to the most successful method that I have used. The Paper towel and DVD case is almost a sure way to crack your seeds. This method you will only need 3 things.

The first thing will, of course, be the cannabis seed. The second thing you will need is an old used DVD or CD case. I like to use the DVD case as they are normally black. This is good as you will have to keep your seed moist and in the dark. A CD case will work as you can always keep the case in a dark spot. The third thing you are going to need is the paper towel or toilet paper.

Dry Paper Towel

Wet Paper Towel

After you have located these 3 Items you can go ahead and lay out the paper towel on half of the DVD case. Once the paper towel is laid out you can go ahead with getting the paper towel wet.

With the paper towel nice and wet, The next thing you are going to want to do is carefully pick up the cannabis seed. I like to use a pair of tweezers to pick up my cannabis seeds. Now place the cannabis seeds on the paper towel, You will want to keep them a little bit apart so when the seed cracks the roots won’t attach.

With the cannabis seeds on the paper towel and the bottom piece nice and wet, You will now grab the second piece of towel and put that overtop the other piece with the seeds. You can now add a small amount of water on that to make sure the seeds stay moist. From this point on for the next 3 to, 4 days keep it nice a moist and in a dark spot like a dresser drawer

That is the conclusion to the first method of Starting cannabis seeds aka germinating seeds. This method you will pretty much have a 99% success rate at germinating the seeds.

Peat Pucks / Peat Moss

When it comes to starting cannabis seeds in the peat pucks it may be the easiest way. The thing with this is they are also the slowest. When it comes to the peat puck You may also find that you will want to start them with a clone dome.

With that, the first thing you will need is, of course, the cannabis seed. The second thing that you will need is a clone dome or something similar. Honestly, clone domes are quite cheap. The third thing you will want is the peat puck or you can add your own peat moss to a cloning tray.

After you have got these 3 items you will want to add some CLEAN water to the peat pucks. This will allow the peat to expand. With the peat, it will always expand slowly and some times it takes longer than others. I have been using the puck for a long while not as they are easy to start clones in or seedlings.

Now that the Peat moss pucks have expanded, The next step is to drain the extra water. You will not want to keep excess water as that will be grounds for mould to grow. Afterwards, you can now pick up the seeds that you bought or from bag seeds. I have order mine from TrueNorthSeedBank many times. You will use tweezers and put the cannabis seed into the peat. You will want to bury it just enough to cover the seeds.


From this point, you will just want to keep them in a spot with some good light. The best way is to get a small grow light or even a CFL bulb. Clones will not take much light to grow. When you have the light you have to make sure to have at least 18 hours.

Glass Jar

When it comes to the glass jar method it is one that I personally have never used. Well, this method is the most basic of the 3 I think it might be the least successful.

For this method, you will need the most basic of supplies. The only supplies you will need is a CLEAN glass, and of course some cannabis seeds.

When you go ahead and add the water it is going to be best to use distilled or filtered water. If you use tap water you are adding in a lot of chemicals. You can now just drop the cannabis seeds in the glass of water. You will leave the seeds in the water for 24 hours to help weaken the outer shell.

With this method, you are still going to need to have some sort of soil. You can use peat moss to keep your seedling in till it grows a little.


With the three methods, you are sure to starting cannabis seeds in no time. The thought you need to have tho is what kind of soil you will add your cannabis seeds to when they mature a little. I myself recommend you starting up your own supersoil as I have done.


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