Oasis Sneak peak #1

in #cannabis5 years ago

Are you a cannabis grower? Well maybe you would like to come on over to smoke.io and check out more of my grow.

Today I started my oasis auto grow, It is just a small set up for now.

Grow start

This is going to be the start of my next grow log.

It has been quite a while for me to grow, I think it is going on 5 months for me growing and let me tell you I miss it.

To start I have cleaned up the grow tent and made sure everything was inside working order.

This next step I had to take was to fill some pots up with soil, The mixture I picked was the same old mixture I have had lying around the house. The 2 things I mixed was 25% worm castings and 75% Organic Promix.

You can head on over to https://smoke.io/grow/@skylinebuds/oasis-grow-part-1 and checkout the rest, Feel free to sign up and earn some smoke for your cannabis content as well


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