A New Journey...

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I am going to document this new journey for all to see. It is going to go against some conventional wisdom, however, it is my hallucination that the final results will be proof of concept. I am taking pages from commercial agriculture and I have a mentor who has a degree in plant science. He was also the Master Grower for a dispensary here in town for 9 years. I have been a grower for the last 5 years.


Today, we took 25 clones of Strawberry Kush and 25 clones of Midnight Apricot Lime Reserve. We ended up having to use Rapid Rooters since the local hydro shop did not have FloraFoam in stock and we are a bit behind schedule. Also, since we live in an area that grows a lot of commercial roses, Hormodin was sold out at our local CPS. Again, adapt and overcome, we ended up using Hormex.

We added enough water to the base tray that the ribs were covered.

The humidity dome has both vents half open.

We are expecting to transplant these into 1-gallon pots in 10 days. (03Feb2018)

I will be documenting on a daily basis, with some of the information just being background. I will also be posting pictures during the entire process. I welcome any questions that you may have. I also know that I am opening myself to some very severe criticism, which is why I posted the picture of the gorilla...

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Gave you a follow today. Interested in seeing the progress.


I hope you enjoy the journey as well as the process. Feel free to ask questions along the way. Thank you for the follow.

Do lowland gorillas eat bananas?


Only if they are in season and perfectly yellow.

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