What are your most favorite blunt wraps?

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My friend and I are sitting here talking about our most favorite blunt wraps. Mine are the Melon Zig Zag Wraps, another are Vanilla Dutch Masters.. 

Heres Our Current Blunt Between Us 2 Join In If You Like!

Here's another one of the fatties I roll each day that help me cope with my depression, anxiety and also motivation.  If it wasn’t for cannabis I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be here to bring you this dope little write up!

Zig Zag Wraps

Back in the day growing up in the midwest we always used to get Zig Zag wraps. You could fit large amounts of cannabis in them or cut off some to make it more a cigarillo type blunt. 

Dutch Masters 

After going to college in Florida I noticed 90% of the people used Dutch Masters as their perferred wrap; could have just been everyone at my school; yet everyone always wanted “Dutch Masters” when rolling up a fatty!

Then after college and to my current residing state California. 

Have you ever hear of the brand.. How do you say… “BackWoods”?


GOT DAMN! It seem like everyone is smoking on these bad boys. Myself; I smoke about 12 blunts a day and those backwoods KILL my throat. LIKE A SHOT STRAIGHT TO THE JUGGULAR! 

So now that you guys know I’m a total noob when it comes to backwoods. Let me ask you…

"What Are Your Most Favorite Blunt Wraps?" *COMMENT BELOW*

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Royal Blunt is my favorite. Juicy and Zig Zag are also good. Swisher Sweets not bad, grew up on those lol. Backwoods are WAY too strong and make me feel sick.

I like just cutting a cigar open.
Hate all the weird added tastes

No blunts or joints for me.
I've been using the Mighty Vape by Storz & Bickel for over a year.
Lungs feel really good :)

I've been looking at getting one of those for awhile now! I think it was the crafty or something by them ill have to go check one out in a minute! Thanks for reading!

im not much of a blunt smoker its all about them dabs and bangers, but when i do smoke a blunt i love the zig-zag blunt wraps, i tried this once flavor that was amazing i think it was called strawberry smoothie or some shit like that.

Yum strawberry smoothie sounds delicious! I enjoy the strawberry but haven't tried that one; maybe its Limited Edition! Ill have to keep my eye out for those!