Olive Oil Infused With 45 Grams of Cannabis

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I’m all about the base. Making every inch perfect from the bottom to the top.


(This video is Meghan Trainor’s official music video. It was post to her YouTube channel on June. 11, 2014.)


  • Start with 45 grams of the cannabis strains of your choice.

(I used 8 different cannabis strains to use up some odds and ends that I had kicking around and needed to use up.)

  • Decarb it.


(I decarbed this batch at 245 degrees F for 45 minutes in a pressure cooker.)

  • Put the cannabis in a Magical Butter Machine and cover with 1 litre of olive oil.


  • Set the temperature to 130 degrees F for 2 hours.


After 2 hours, open the machine and check to make sure that the buds have remained fully immersed in the olive oil. If you have ground cannabis sticking to the sides of the machine’s canister, scrape it back down into the oil and run the mixture for another 2 hours.

When the blend is finished it should look like the photo (below) when you open the canister after 4 hours.


See What I See

Very little cannabis residue is sticking to the sides of the canister. The machine did a great job grinding and stirring the pot for 4 hours. Even the lid and immersion blender is fairly clean.


  • Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer.


Save the left over cannabis pulp. About 1/3 of a cup will remain. This is not completely spent and it can be incorporated into another recipe. It will freeze well so you do not have to use it in a baking recipe immediately if you freeze it.




  • Using a funnel, pour the finished mixture back into an amber glass bottle for long term storage.


  • Store infused olive oil in a refrigerator.

I welcome your comments and I invite you to follow me on my journey...we will be infusing a variety of bases.


~ Rebecca

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All of that makes good sense to me.
I know it is a lot of work and time.
But, to me. It would be well worth it.
I haven't ever been a smoker of anything in my life.
Eater and drinker has been my forte. Ha
What you have shown to us would be very valuable to me.
Both the process and the finished product.
Now, if I can just get my tail out to Nevada where some common sense rules the land.
I could be well on my way to some wonderful health and good times.
Thank you


Good blog,
From now I am following you.


Great job.
I want to follow this tips.

I love your plant-based medicine posts with your recipes and how to grow them etc.
I have been learning a lot from you so thank you so much for always sharing your healthy lifestyle which I love learning about since I also use plant-based medicine (essential oils).

The first video is so nice.
I love this.

Looks like a good process, how is the dose strength? Do you cook with it regularly? I’ve been meaning to make a batch for sauteeing vegetables


I normally would infuse 2 full ounces in this much olive oil but this one I kept at 45 grams instead of 60 because I wanted an oil that I could more "freely" use. Just like you have suggested for sauteing vegetables and drizzled over avocado but I have to say that the dose is still stronger than I'd like for this kind of thing.
I suspect this has to to with olive oil being a monounsaturated fatty acid...it's just different than MCT coconut oil. The cannabinoids seem to bind better to it as a base. I haven't substantiated this yet, just my clinical observations so far...

I want to follow this tips..

Last year I tried my culinary hand at making some canna-butter... it came out correctly but I am still trying to understand (and perfect) how much THC is in it. I made some brownies using it but the THC levels weren't up to par from the people who sampled it.

Do you know of a meter or how to measure it?


Yes. @goldendawne, you can calculate how strong each portion of an edible is, if you know the % of THC of the buds you used, the amount of infused butter used and the number of portions that your recipe yields. If your bud came from a grower directly and wasn’t tested for its THC % then you cannot calculate how potent each portion is. There’s no way to know if you don’t know the original % that you started with.
There are other factors too like how much cannabis was used to make the butter, then how much butter was used in the recipe...hope this helps. :)

Awesome! I've made infused olive oil and butter with my Magical Butter Machine but in smaller batches. Looking forward to seeing how you use it in your recipes! (^_^)

novice here!😊 Don't know much, but just wanted to ask if you have ever experimented the "Rick Simpson oil", more specifically his method of extraction. 🤔🙂 (just gained a new follower! )


Hi Dianne11!
Welcome to my blog. :)

Yes. I have. We have better techniques now for making fully extracted cannabis oil. Here's a post explaining the details.