Critical Mass At 10% THC, Is There Value?

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In Canada (strains of dried cannabis flower buds) are generally valued and priced according to the percentages of cannabinoids (reported to be) contained within them.

It is common to be faced with tiers or different levels of pricing based on grades of quality.

These grades are generally based on how much THC, CBD, or CBN (3 of the 111+ known cannabinoids) are potentially contained within the buds.

I like to think that the dried flowers are also valued and graded (for and by) their unique terpene profile (or what they smell like).

  • It’s the distinct aromas, along with the cannabinoids present that the plant contributes to the equation.

  • The number of physical cannabinoid receptors open, hormone levels and the genetics of the person are what set both the intensity and the actual emotions (themselves) that are felt once the flower is ingested.

As a result, no 2 bodies will respond exactly the same way to the same strain of a cannabis plant.

In the photo (above) you can see what a sample from one of my Critical Mass plants’ (dried flower buds) tested at.

In my humble opinion, it would be considered bottom grade (in this particular example) because it doesn’t contain a huge amount of THC, it has no detectable CBD and CBN wasn’t tested for.

If you don’t test or have access to reading test results (because they were never performed) you can (loosely) go by how the strain makes you feel, once ingested.

If you can’t ingested it, you have to go by how the dried flower buds look, smell and how sticky they feel.


If you can’t look, smell or feel the produce, then you pay the asking price, roll the dice and hope that the produce you’ve bought has some potency strength, isn’t covered in powdery mildew and you like its aroma.

(In the photo (above) you can see what lots of resin loaded trichomes look like in the presence of patches of powdery mildew. Not good.)

In my garden, with my gardening skills, conditions and novice cannabis growing experience, I pulled 10% THC out of this strain.


Another grower, might be able to produce 18% from this same strain.

It’s important to remember that if a strain contains ANY THC (even 2%) it has the potential to produce a psycho-active (high) if enough of it is ingested.

When the percentage of THC is less than 10%, a person (potentially) will just need to use more buds (more frequently) than they would, if they used a strain containing 18% (for example).

For a budding cannabis canna-sseuir, a strain at 10% might just be their ideal level of medication because it’s easier to learn to dose.

If I relate this back to learning to use alcohol, it’s not such a big deal if you over-pour a glass of wine by a few ounces, but it can be disastrous if you over-pour hard liquor by the same amount...especially if the person never drinks and has genetics (Indigenous) that influence the metabolism rate of their liver.

Supply and Demand Is Also A Factor

Critical Mass (at 10% THC) has the capability to make it to a mid-grade pricing tier if there is more demand for that percentage of THC than there is produce that contains it.

Over the years I‘Ve purchased dried flower bud at $5 a gram, $20 a gram and everything in between.

I considered this investment to be the cost of my education while I learned the differences and how not to be taken for a ride when buying dried cannabis.

I’ve been balanced at every gram price point and at every concentration level, from hash to distillate to terpene juice.

Then I grew.

Lolz! (My growing hand was forced, once I knew the differences.)

The contrast is what inspires change and what gets measured, gives direction to the actions that can be taken.

~ Rebecca ;)


It's not the cannabinoid % that matters most, it's what is not in there. Pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, molds, mites, feces. You know, the stuff found in Licensed Producer cannabis, the legalized crap! Your medicine is just that, real medicine. Thanks for growing proper cannabis, and extracting proper dabs and oils! 10% is great for many purposes.

I couldn’t agree more @vantocan!
As I can afford to keep testing, I will.
My strategy this year was to round out my medicine chest and to try my hand at growing CBD.
Of course a grower wants their produce to test well but it doesn’t help much if all you grow are the same strains, that test all in the same range, all the time.
I see the value in a strain that contains 10% THC.
I will keep striving for more complete knowledge, diversity and a full spectrum experience at every turn.
(Based on my experience to date and subject to change at a moment’s notice. Lol!)

That's excellent.
And what do you think, would that crop make good hash?

Hahaha @vantocan! Is that an extraction exam question?

My official answer:
No, not for hash because I grew stickier strains than this critical mass plant that would be better suited for that application and worth my time and effort to make hash from.
I will eventually make oil from this critical mass plant to safely use it up and not waste it.
I had trouble with this particular strain almost all the way along. It was very susceptible to powdery mildew and as you can see from my magnified picture, I couldn’t get it 100% treated....still patchy (I used peroxide, neem oil, and ground cinnamon (mindful to stay alkaline with the blend) to treat it, all the way through the grow. The best I could do was control it. I couldn’t never eliminate it 100% completely.)
As a result, oil is the only thing that I would feel comfortable using this material for because of its contact time with the alcohol.
In my opinion, it should not be smoked or used to make infusions for edibles.
Great discussion topic!
Now knowing all of that, what would you do with that material?

There you grow again! That's a nice report there on the Critical Mass you grew yourself! Awesome. I hope it offers a really nice experience ( or many!) For you and yours that partake ❤😇🌸

Thank you @yogajill!
It’s really cool to be able to put a garden to rest for the winter with the conclusion of some testing results. ;)

Nature is so Pro when it comes to life 🙏🌱❤🌾

For me its all about terps! HIgh THC can be quite unpleasant for some, also most of these test results you see at the stores are complete BS. By a chance did you test the steem og?

Hi @jonyoudyer!
That’s exactly why having strains with lower THC percentages are valuable. Not everyone’s body can handle high % amounts of THC. Literally.
Your hormones, your open receptor availability and your genetics dictate how your body will react to cannabis once it’s been ingested.

With the correct mix of terpenes (dare I say this) you don’t need THC or CBD to feel happy and balanced.

Canada is starting to test for genetics...3 genes specifically and this is done with a cheek swab.

(I went to a conference in the Spring and was tested. I was happy to learn that I only have a 50% chance of becoming mentally deranged (read: enlightened) as a result of my genetic mash-up and my daily use of the herb. Lolz!)

I also learned that Asian genetics handle THC differently than European genetics.

(An interesting topic worth further research.)

I haven’t tested Steem OG or @bluntsmasha ‘s strains yet... I will be sure to let you know what it tests at.

Have you had it tested before?

(If I had to guess, I’d say 14-16% THC.)

You know something that really grinds my gears, is when i tell someone, "last night i had a 100mg edible anf i was so stoned!", then they reply"pfft! Your so weak, i eat 500mg", like for real? Get out of my face, everyone is different.

I have not had it tested. Its jist to expensive for me to do so.8

Exactly! It’s in the genetics and in the ingestion method ...that’s partly why it’s so difficult for Doctors to prescribe.

I would be blasted too if I ate 100 mg dose at once.

I am picking and choosing what I test, for that reason also.

I want to ingest but haven't had results that make me want to continue. So I vape but if i understand correctly the best way to receive the medicine is by ingesting. I really know so little about the stuff other than life is way better smoking it LOL. What a good thread. So much valuable info! What should I look for in terpenes to find the good stuff haha 💚🌱💚

Hi @yogajill,
It’s so exhilarating to me to help folks unlock the power of plant medicine for themselves.
I started responding to your question and thought that it’s such a good one, that it’s worth writing a post specifically on the how tos and the whys of it all. Great question! Thanks for asking it!

Ooo! I don't want to miss that post ❤

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