What are PGRs? How can you tell if they are being used on your buds?

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Lately I've been noticing a lot of buzz on Instagram about PGRs, or Plant Growth Regulators. These are chemicals which control the growth of the cannabis plant, and are used to produce denser fuller buds. I have just come across the concept and haven't done much research yet into how they effect the plant and how they effect the health of the user. I'm not even sure how you would be able to tell if they were used.

We just want the best medicine, our medicine should be organic in my opinion. It should be part of the law. What the patients want and need doesn't seem to really matter. We should be able to grow our own, but in my state, we aren't allowed too. Prices are ridiculously exorbitant. Somethings gotta give!

Tell me what you know about PGRs!


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PGR's are categorized as pesticides, but mostly have to do with rooting and growth.
PGR's can be organic or synthetic and are used to keep plants short by limiting internode elongation. When used on seeds it helps them form strong roots.
Apparently the product Sumagic was approved in just the last few years to be used on vegetable plants, when it had been used for many years on perennials and other non-edibles.
We had to deal with this issue in Colorado and so we got regulations in place that limit use of pesticides. If pesticides are not regulated in your neck of the woods, might want to start a petition.
Hope that helps a little. Peace.


Do you think the photos I post look like PGR buds or no? I have no way of telling as I am just a patient and not a grower, the quality seems very very high to me. It medicates my condition.


There is no way you can visually tell, you would have to have it tested; which is why it's important to get these sort of regulations in place. Those nugs seem like they are very nice, so it would be a shame to let it go to waste... Have a great day friend.

Man honestly the less you can add is the best! But you know what the best methods are for growing? It’s no till. Check out mendodope on ig. Those guys are great growers!


From the nug pictures I could find, they seem to grow similar bud quality / structure to what I'm getting. I gotta learn to be able to identify what PGRs do to bud.

Didnt hear of that before now 😊

I try to stay away from chemicals if at all possible when it comes to green.

Been away for 7 months now and then I see this dank weed 👊 Still good pics and weed