We've seen some nice pop's in the market lately, but today we got hammered a little bit. Poloniex opened up trading on the BCH forks, that's a bit scammy! BCH is falling apart!

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So we got hammered a bit today after having made some strides in the market recently. BTC still trapped within it's triangle, we will get to see how that plays out within 5 weeks it is looking like on my charts. LTC of all the top coins has really been getting punished lately, and I feel it is due for a bit of a pop.

Bitcoin Cash is apparently forking on Nov 15th. Splitting itself off into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash "Satoshi's Vision" (really Faketoshi's Vision). It's fun to see the infighting beginning in BCH and their response is to do exactly what they did with Bitcoin, Fork Off! It's not one of the main reasons, but it's a reason why it's the weaker chain. I predict the combined value of both coins will drop to at least $400 post fork.

Cannabis stocks retreated a bit today, which I kind of expect to continue for at least a couple of days here. I'll be watching it closely because I want to add to positions there.


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The name alone is a fucking joke bitcoin cash ABC and we are gonna see some massive dumps on them for sure.

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