Dank Vapes Jet Fuel OG cartridge - Black Market

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Dank Vapes, a Dank Woods company

Dank Vapes is a company owned by Dank Woods, a company that makes blunt wraps. They've apparently become very popular on the black market and have been imitated heavily. Based on the research I've done, the cartridges I'm getting seem to be the official Dank Vapes cartridges and not imitations. They are distillate cartridges, so they use food grade terpenes for flavor. The distillation process strips out all terpenes from the cannabis oil, so almost all distillate cartridges are flavored with food grade terpenes. I've had a few buddies tell me they are not a fan of these, which shocks me. They tell me they are equally shocked that I like them. I'm pretty particular on the flavor though. The King Louie I got was probably my favorite, the OG Kush did not taste very much like OG Kush to me, I wasn't a fan. I wasn't a fan of the Chemdawg or GSC ones I tried either.


Jet Fuel OG Cartridge

I did like the Jet Fuel OG cartridge. I feel it has a very piney kushy flavor, and a bit of a gassy diesel flavor in the background. The King Louie didn't have that gassy flavor and was a bit sweeter. I save a lot of money buying these as opposed to the cartridges I get from the dispensary, so I'm glad I actually enjoy some of the flavors. I'm a bit of a picky cannabis user and won't buy stuff I am not going to really enjoy, even if it costs me more. So finding cheaper products that do what I need and satisfy is always great!


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