Canalope Kush wax - Oregon Recreational Cannabis

in cannabis •  3 months ago


A buddy of mine picked this up and I got to try some. I don't think Oregons products are as good as Illinois from my experience here! Big ups Illinois! Makes me more confident in my investment in a Chicago based cannabis company! I wish I had time to travel around and try companies products, I think it's a great way to decide who to invest in. Without trying their products, you could invest in someone who doesn't produce good and ends up getting wiped out in a few years!


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man that is looking nice!

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Honestly? The good stuff isn't ever sold in stores. And the really good stuff isn't allowed to be sold for interstate transportation.

But if you have good quality there? Sweet! Hell yeah man!

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Going to just grow my own from seeds here in Canada ... October 17 is coming soon

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