Bitcoin now more stable than the Mexican Peso/Brazillian Real! I think it's just showing us it can do anything!

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A few months ago I said we'd enter a sideways period. A time when everyone was either calling for moon or doom, but I said had a different view. I felt like, as usual, almost everyone would be wrong. What I wasn't really expecting was a non-volatile sideways movement. It's pretty unprecedented in bitcoin history. I see it almost as bitcoin is doing everything. It'll leave no stone unturned, and leave no excuses for those who knew about it, but missed out. You won't be able to say "It was too expensive, it was too cheap, it was too volatile, it was not volatile enough." Because it'll have had a period of time where it wasn't.

I'm on the edge of my seat here now because the end of this sideways period grows closer every day. It's hard to predict how long this could go on because we've never seen this type of bitcoin movement, but we know we're getting close to the end of the triangle and that could cause a big impulse wave.

I've got faith that the market is going to do whatever is best for me :)


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What else could market do?

best wishes

Yep, it's a very good sign for all crypto! :)
Liking the bud too :D ahhh i smoked my last one yesterday :)