Paving The Way For Legalization Of Cannabis In Canada (GCGG 2017)

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In a celebration of entrepreneurship and civil disobedience

The Great Canadian Glass Gathering recently kicked off it's annual get together and

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Liberty Farms founder and owner of Grass Roots Medicinal Chad Jackett about the GCGG and how it, as well as his organization the Cannabis Growers Of Canada are paving the way for real legalization and not the "crony legalization" we see being implemented today.

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For more info from Press For Truth visit:


My kids will love you . Cheers mike

Chad Jackett's the man! Thanks Dan! :)

I'll upvote and follow any decent post about legalizing cannabis in US (or any other country). The legalization of cannabis will not only higher moral, but lower crime, lower suicide rates, and actually improves the economy. I could go on and on about it, but so many other pro pot Americans have already stated their cases so well. Upvoted and followed!!

All i can say stay away from Maria-huhana she is mine !
SteemOn Nice Post :))

What's the exact reason in the first place why it is not legal?

It's not legal because they were not able to profit off of it...until now. :)

The government will destroy pot, they are not doing anyone a favor. Until we are allowed to grow our own, pharma will get in and grow some lousy pot to make the people ILL.

Yup, sadly I have to agree.

It's has medicine benfits if we use it in proper way

Its already possible to purchase medical cannabis in Canada without a doctors note... just need to be 19 years or older.
Check for more

Figures no locations in Toronto, where I'm going tomorrow

Its mailed to your house. No need to visit their location.

I am against the legalization of drug for recreative uses. However I think that to determine if a drug should be legal or not the only criteria should be scientific evidence: addiction, benefit and harm to the consumer, posible social harm, etc. And I think scientific criteria shows than marijuana is less harmful than tobacco, and maybe less harmful than alcohol too.

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