Not High Enough? Eat A Mango!

in cannabis •  23 days ago

Cannabis is full of terpenes, especially myrcene which is produced with cannabinoids from the same glands. Mangoes are also high in myrcene, which has a synergistic effect with THC. Myrcene, also a major component of hops, is the main factor that produces a sedative effect which is common with indica strains.

Myrcene is also found in several herbs, including wild thyme, bay, parsley, lemongrass, and verbena. This hydrocarbon is used prominently in the perfume industry, as a precursor to other fragrant terpenes.

Though the practice of eating mangoes to enhance marijuana started out as rumor among heads, the practice has been verified as legitimate. The best effects can be achieved by eating mango around 90 minutes before getting high, which gives enough time for the mycenes to absorb into your system. For most people, this has been found to strengthen and extend the effects of cannabis.

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lol just coming from your previous post, this is the info I needed !

Yes, I've been hearing this for a while. I adore dried mango slices. I wonder if that's why some days I'm kinda extra hazy...had too many mangos hahaha!

Awesome going to try it out with some buds ;)

If you're into a guy and he's not at least 420-friendly, you gotta let that


Haha, nice

)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Happy post !

I just love to eat MANGOES!!

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This is awesome! Thank you!

Interesting. I have never heard of this effect with mangos or about the sedative effects of myrcene. I've heard people say that orange juice can enhance a high of some substances but never mangos. Neat. Marijuana is legal for recreational use here in Canada so maybe I'll have to keep a stock of mangos around to try that out. Hahaha

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Now I understand, why I used to feel drowsy after eating too many mangoes, I can also guess the effect of marijuana and cannabis though I never tested them. Though mango is my favourite fruit, from now on I wouldn’t take as I used to. Thanks for sharing an excellent article.

Yes it is true! After a long time of postponing this test...I tried the combination and it works!

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