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Sunday Sesh is a weekly cannabis content #Hive blog post followed by a live Q&A podcast in the @canna-curate Discord at 4:20PM EST in collaboration with #Weedcash Network and @greenhouseradio. Posts are written by #JPSteinberg, the show is cohosted by #GratefulOrganix.

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(¬‿¬)🚬 Sunday Sesh 001

Today is an exciting day. There's been so much going here this first month of the new year. We're launching a new brand, new company, new website, new journal and all sorts of new goodies. Among those goodies is a new weekly podcast, Sunday Sesh, in the @canna-curate Discord server in association with the awesome people of @greenhouseradio aka #GHRO (Greenhouse Radio Online).


Joining me on this venture to host the show is expert cannabis cultivator and certified permaculture farmer, Ricky Walker, owner of Grateful Organix. RIcky is so far the only person in the state of Florida to hold a license which permits him to vend live hemp sprouts and micro greens to the public. He is the first and only person, as of now, to have sold a living plant to a customer at a public farmers market.


Ricky and I crossed paths last year at the farmers market where he had a table full of lovely looking little hemp microgreens. He also had some CBD products and other amazingly healthy looking plants. I've since been able to have a close up view of his entire operation and it is apparent that he really knows what the fuck he's doing when it comes to growing medicine and food.


Today we will be streaming from his kitchen. In the coming months as the weather warms up and we move to a new property we will be setting up the podcasting studio in a literal greenhouse where you will be able to see eaxtly what's going on behind and around us as we chop it up and talk hella shit on the show.


I look forward to some great talks and shenanigans on GHRO this year. Hope to see you in the live audience on Discord. Leave us a comment here with topic ideas for the coming weeks. This will be a Q&A so bring your questions and bring your input which we value greatly. Thanks for reading the pre-show post.



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