Legalization Bill C-45 = Harper's Bill S-10

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Canada finally announced legalization today. It's legislation called Bill C-45 The Cannabis Act, but I'm not excited because...

I had the same (or even more) rights before legalisation!

It was already our charter right (when exercised) to use cannabis; however, as a medical user,

  • I could already possess an ounce of cannabis.
  • I could vapourise it indoors or smoke it on my balcony or on the street.
  • I could grow my own cannabis, or have someone else grow it for me.
  • I could make any form of cannabis for my medical needs (see R.V. Smith 2015)
  • As a resident of Vancouver, I could also purchase cannabis edibles and oils from dispensaries and Farmers Markets.


Canada was proposing decriminalization in the early '00s
That would have been the closest thing to ending prohibition other than a decree or order to remove cannabis from the controlled drugs and substances act. We should know and demand this!

Harper's proposed Bill C-10/C-15/S-10 = Bill C-45

minus a few mandatory minimums. There are still up to 14-year sentences for cannabis crimes. Same crimes, same times! This was obviously a long-con, good cop/bad cop type of scenario. They make you think you're doing good by voting out that horrible Stephen Harper and voting in sensible, trustworthy Trudeau for change. But Legalisation's a LIE! It's all the same shit with different GMO dressing.

Bill C-10:

Bill C-15:


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Equal rights denied
Gram restrictions
Adults treated like kids
Life sentences
Ironic injustice
S10 revived
Abstinence for drivers
Time for non-crimes
Illegal searches
New punishments & penalties for pot

Could have said lots of other things like: oil restrictions, edibles ban, elitist, only for the rich, etc.

F*ck central authority. Have been ignoring their laws on the subject since Christmas Break, 1969. 😎

Yeah this "legalization" in Canada is such a shame! We were going to lead the world, but instead we're an embarrassment. It's more illegal than ever before - what a failure and waste of 4 years!!

Fuck'm. Time to OVERGROW CANADA!

I am very not in favour of this recriminalization :(
Thanks for this great writeup with links and photos!!

Ha! REcriminalization is right! Legalisation is only good if you're a rich, non-medical using sheep who can now smoke in the privacy of their own home where they thought they couldn't before.

So sorry to hear how your are all getting the shaft. Here in California we also had it made with the medical law. It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty fair. But I still can’t complain cause its really lax here. Hope it works out good for you, good luck.

yea im already growing in the usa have been 4 awhile fuck giving away ur power 2 bullshit! housing and water is freee 2 and food! there's mroe then enough 4 all guys!

lol thats fancy 4 u but i live in louisiana in the usa we have put more pepole in jail mostly 4 this criminal proganda war on drugs aka war on our own fucking race. bullshit then the entire world and my parish caddo has been 1 of the worst in my entire state. so this is really a good thing. we shouldn't be locking ppl up 4 non-violent offenseses anyways

Very sad about this here in BC! Legalization was supposed to mean more freedom, not less :(

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