Cannabis Extracts- Processing shatter and wax "Basics"

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This is some of my equipment used to extract cannabis and proccess it into shatter and wax. (cannabis concentrates)
These pictures are from my legal Medical Marijuana business in Colorado. These are just some basic pictures of the process of making cannabis concentrate.

       First and fore most you need high quality dry cannabis.

        Then the cannabis is broken up and put into the extraction vessel.

      Cannabis being extracted in a closed loop hydrocarbon system with inline dewaxing.

After the hydrocarbon does the  work, the extract is removed and placed in a vacuum oven

  The "hash muffin" or cannabis concentrate under a vacuum.
   It balloons under negative pressue. This process
   removes the residual hydrocarbon from the extract.

After about 24 hours or so and a few other techniques ;) your shatter can look like this.

And your Wax can look like this.

     Thanks for looking  and Remember.

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That stuff makes me too darn tired, I get sleepy and I can't focus. Just the herb is good for me thanks! Outdoor home grown even better lol