Late night sesh. Love this blunt bubbler.

in #cannabis3 years ago (edited)

After a long day, settling down for a late night smoke session. Tonight I am listening to some Frank Sinatra, smoking a White Owl Honey Cigarrillo freaked and stuffed with 3 grams of Lemon Haze OG to start. Finishing with a couple of pipes and dry herb vape pens. Will be closing the night with some grape ape x Chernobyl hybrid provided by my TGA buddy - RoHerb. Thanks bro for the great smoke, it’s fire.




Thank you @johnsnowdat, @herbsgalore ,@madpotters , @johnsnowdat ,and @terpgalaxy for the upvote, Following you.

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ok, is that a glass piece specifically for blunts?! i have been rolling clips (a blunt thats like, an inch or shorter) to put into my bong for the past three years.....FML.

Yes it is for blunts or joints. It has great water function, and small enough to travel with. They make a silicone indestructible version you can get here:

hey thanks for the link! is it your store?

Belongs to a group of friends.

Love the glass!