Cannabis, Asthma & Bronchodilation

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Did you know that cannabis can help treat asthma?

THC, the most abundant cannabinoid found in the plant, is a bronchiodialator -"a drug that relaxes bronchial muscle resulting in expansion of the bronchial air passages (Merriam-Webster)". In fact, several companies are beginning to work on creating cannabis inhalers specifically to treat asthma and COPD :

Unlike traditionally used steroid inhalers that can cause toxicity and complications over time, cannabis is very safe and does cause such issues.

In the following video Jim Leslie explains more on this topic, including recommended methods of use and dosing information.


Was just talking about this. And happy 420.

This is a gamechanger in patients with asthma! More treatments that actually help benefits patients.

Following and shared! Love the week.

@ganjafarmer it is such a positive game changer! At our medical dispensary we have seen many people with asthma gaining relief from using cannabinoid therapy, and without any of the harms that conventional medications often come with. Thanks a lot for following and sharing! Happy 420!

Of course! Keep the updates coming!

Very interesting post....Asthma treatments via Cannabinoids, 420 Lung Receptors and Cannabinoid delivery via nebulizers technology...a medical 420 game changer...

Thanks @brosol! Can't wait to see this type of technology on the market. People are going to become healthier and happier as options like these become readily available.

Yes Healthier and happier. Wow I would like to brainstorm this tech... cannabinoid bioavailability Nebulizer tech vs other methods suppositories, transdermal, edibiles, nano CBD H20 soluble tech...

Now that would make a great brainstorm!!!

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and enjoy our content :)

Thanks a lot @nitosnews1! We are now following your blog :)

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