Contest: Best nugs of the day Prize: 1 sbd and 5% of post payout EDIT kid4life is the winner stay tuned for more

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contest description: post a photo of one of your nugs original photos only  i will judge them in 48 hours i will judge it by what ever nugs i would want to take and smoke


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  4. post a photo of your nug in the comment below

Good luck to everyone may the best nug win :)

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Great looking buds mate , cheers

24 hours left

I humbly submit this beautiful Nug of Tangie.
It had aromas of Citrus, Spices and Magic.
You have been resteemed and followed IMG_5471.jpg
Thank you for you consideration



Great idea, let’s see how many reply.

very nice know the strain?

This came off of my lemon haze x sunset sherbet hybrid. 2nd generation. Still trying to stabilize the strain.

looks unique

A pound of Forum Cookies, smells like heaven.



id suggest posting another picture can hardly see the buds judging this by w/e picture makes me want to take the bud and smoke it

Amsterdam has the best bro 😎🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Cool nugs you have brotha!


This is Amnesia Haze made in Slovenia

congrats this is the bud i would smoke out of the ones posted

Mahh man! Good choice! Thanks!

Cheers I'd still stick with my own though aha :) i get some fire

I just got in some amnesia haze critical mass it is some bomb buds nice tight.

I also got an amnesia haze budding right now in my tent

Here is my entry:


It is called Black Cream and it smells like berries!

Oh wow that looks very cool looking grow that yourself?

Ill send a pic in 3 hours bro!

My entry an im following an resteeming to support you

What's The Prize?? Lol

1 sbd says in title

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How about some grease monkey

I really dig your idea. Keep up the good work pulling the community together.

Thanks trying to bring some more awareness that steemit can be great for cannabis content most places dont accept it

Some Animal Cookies from a local legal cultivator in Las Vegas. Classic cookies taste and smell. Nice dense pungent nuggets. IMG_20180131_095241_262.jpg

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My beloved jack harer


What is Rebel Berry OG?
Rebel Berry OG was the winner for Best Outdoor at the 2016 Oregon Growers Cup. This sativa-dominant hybrid created by Kotton for Rebel Spirit Cannabis was bred for potency and its ability to stimulate creativity. Its one-of-a-kind aroma is thick with blueberries, citrus, cheese, and a smooth yet spicy vanilla finish. The flavor is that of a velvety cheesecake covered in a blueberry glaze, with tasteful notes of citrus and juniper on the exhale.