Best Storage Conditions for Your Weed

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Asides purchasing weed from the best online dispensary canada, another important thing to consider is the best storage conditions to keep your weed at top-notch quality. Marijuana does not have a fixed expiration date, but there are certain important factors that should be borne in mind to maintain it at optimum quality for a long time.

Best Temperatures for Weed Storage

To ensure basic precautions are maintained, do not store your weed at temperatures between 77 and 86°F. This is to prevent molds like mildew from growing on the cannabis.

However, excessive heat can make the cannabinoids and terpenes to dry out. If your weed becomes dried out, you may notice a hot, harsh smoke while taking it.

Low temperatures are mold-friendly, and slow down the decarboxylation process of cannabinoids. This will ultimately result in the breakdown of THC-A into the less desired cannabinol.

Humidity and Weed Storage

It is important to control the humidity level while storing your cannabis. To prevent the contamination of your herb by mildew and other contaminants, it should be stored in a controlled environment. The environment must be such that the plant will be maintained at relative humidity levels that lie between 59% and 63%. This will ensure that the aroma, flavor and color of the herb is maintained and even enhanced.

Storing cannabis at relative humidity levels below 65% will reduce the chances of the herb been contaminated by mold. However, if the level of relative humidity drops too low, then, the trichomes will begin to dry out, leading to a significant reduction in the quantity of the essential oils.

Light Levels and Weed Storage

Organic materials such as your weed are better protected from harmful ultraviolent (UV) rays. This is because the effect of UV rays on weed is similar to how grass becomes brown as a result of excessive sunlight, or how the paint on an advertisement board or car gradually fades.

Based on previous studies, it was discovered that light plays a major role in the degradation of cannabinoids. It was also found out that cannabinoids can have high stability for up to two years when the cannabis is properly stored.

Asides these, protecting your cannabis from direct sunlight during storage will help in regulating the temperature.

Air Control and Weed Storage

To keep your cannabis fresh, the container must contain the right amount of air. Too little air, particularly if your herb was not completely dried before storage, can affect the level of relative humidity.

On the other hand, too much air will boost the rate at which cannabinoid degrades when exposed to oxygen. To minimize such exposure, an electric vacuum pump can be attached to your storage jar.

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