Colorado Cannabis Product - Rebel Apple Pie Caramels

in cannabis •  6 months ago  (edited)

The Apple Pie Caramels from Rebel are super delicious!

They're chewy, creamy, and the apple pie flavor pops.

As with many edibles in Colorado, these come in 10 packs, each piece being 10mg THC, for 100mg total in the pack.

While many people feels effects from a single 10mg dose or less, others with higher tolerance may need multiple pieces to feel desired effect. The key is to go slow and know your limit.

I highly recommend these to anyone! They are tasty, and have a nice texture, for an all around enjoyable experience. Absolutely scrumptious!

Thanks for looking Steemians, have a great day!

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Looks tasty!

Truly melt in your mouth

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That's sick... I'd try one!

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😋 that's the trouble when the infused edibles taste so good, you can't have just one!

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