Colorado Cannabis Flower - Breckberry Bud

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Here we have the "Breckberry" in flower phase. The Breckberry is a phenotype of the Plushberry strain, grown by Alpenglow Botanicals in Breckenridge, Colorado.



Very nice - voted!
I'm growing some pink kush, organic from seed (see my posts if you're interested)

Thanks @drutter! The pink kush looks fantastic. Thanks for looking

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Beautiful fox-tailing flowers you got there!

For real! Quite the interesting structure on this one

Thats for sure! Beautiful and interesting!

now THIS is gorgeous! the bud structure is cool. I had a silver haze that was supposed to look like that, but I think the genetics were bad because it came out fluffy instead of like yours.

It truly is gorgeous. Definitely a unique structure to this one. This strain usually ends up being pretty fluffy in the end product. Thanks!

we use a trim machine, so fluffy doesnt cut it. had to stop growing that strain, even though it was a favorite amongst the farmers.

That looks mouth-watering what those sparkly ass trichomes. very nice @herbsgalore

Thank you kief! It's quite a sight

I can't take credit personally, definitely props to the head grower at the business and it's all a team effort too! Thanks for looking

That's going to come out nice.

This is from a couple years ago, it definitely came out gorgeous. It turned dark purple for us in the later stages. Tasted like purple too! Thanks