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RE: What Cannabis Does to People (2019)

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Even better than changing bad laws, such as via decriminalization, is to not create bad laws in the first place. DRutter was warning people about "legalization" many years ago, in no uncertain terms, saying exactly what has happened now would occur. It's a disaster for liberty - we've lost so much freedom because of the new cannabis laws called Legalization. It's too late for Canada, and a lot of American states, but many still have a chance, if the message gets out. No to legalization. No to more laws, restrictions, government agencies, taxes, government powers, limits, licences, etc. Yes to freedom, decriminalizating, amnesty for nonviolent cannabis "criminals" serving time or currently in the court system, no more raids on taxpaying bylaw-abiding businesses that sell cannabis to willing adult customers. No corporate monopoly of the market.


I say one step at a time. Legalization laws is better than criminalizing laws. But you're right that we don't want a bandage over the wound. We want less laws, taxes, regulations, involvement, etc.

Local Government

People need to understand the tenth amendment which is all about returning the power back to we the people and away from federal government. People must always limit federal government and have city and county governments decide on specific laws that they may want to have for their local communities if any. We are all educators and we all must encourage people to favor localized governments over federal and global styled rule, tyranny, authoritarianism, globalism, technocracy, etc.