A poll reveals people who live in states where cannabis is legal think the law is a success

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The survey conducted, found that the majority of respondents believe that cannabis legalization in several states in the U.S. has been a successful move.

The poll, which was conducted by research firm YouGov, discovered that in a number of states where cannabis is legal for recreational use, a majority of citizens strongly believe that, these laws have been a success rather than a mistake. YouGov surveyed 32,000 American adults, and the researchers solicited and received feedback from 686 respondents in Washington, 495 in Oregon, 409 in Nevada, 2949 in California, 633 in Colorado, 844 in Michigan, 1210 in Illinois, 546 in Massachusetts, and 133 in Maine within that survey. Nowadays, about a quarter, 26% of Colorado residents say state laws regulating recreational marijuana use are just successful, and another 45% of residents say the legalization was a success rather than failure. Fewer than one in five people, 17% think the law is more about a failure. In addition to that, about two-thirds of respondents in Oregon (69%) and Massachusetts (67%) believe the law is more likely to succeed. This is also the majority opinion among residents of Washington state (65%), Nevada (64%), California (59%), Illinois (59%), and Michigan (56%). Since voters in Colorado and Washington passed laws legalizing recreational weed use by adults in 2012, bans in many other states and cities have also declined. As a result, more than 30 states have passed laws to legalize medical marijuana (Edward, 2020; Sanders, 2020)

What is your opinion about the legalization of cannabis, and will it be the same way in Europe compared to the United States?


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