Sorry For The Long Absence

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As you all know I have not posted in quite some time. Busy expanding the business out here in Denver Colorado. We are about to be doubling production and also I'm beginning a breeding project! So very excited for this to happen but in the meantime all I am is busy busy busy! I hope you all will stay tuned for more updates as the enormous project continues! Below are some pictures of the new building that we acquired. Remember these are just the bones much work is going to be needed to turn this into a proper grow / dispensary. Thank you all for your support and happy Steeming!




Also here's some Original Cheese for your viewing pleasure!



A farmers work is never done. Good luck.

Thanks! Lots of lumens to come!

Hey! So there have been some updates to steem, and our community now has its own steem frontend, and we make an extra crypto on top of our steem! Check it out,
just go here, log in with your posting key. When post from there, it also posts to steem. or if your posting from steem, use the tag weedcash, and then your post will go to the weedcash network. Its pretty bad ass. Any questions, come by our Discord,


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