Girls of Green doing our part for World Peace!

in #cannabis6 months ago

We find the matter quite simple, and we've decided that this is the best way forward:

Thanks for all the support in 2019!
See you on the blockchain again in 2020 :D

(featured cannamodel: Kaila Kush of Girls of Green)


I approve of this latest version of the "less bomb hits" meme! Very nice @GirlsofGreen :D

Well the @Girlsofgreen have definitely done their part for world peace.
Hopefully 2020 actually brings a little less perpetual war and aggression. We need a break from it!
Everybody just puff puff pass.

They would all have to smoke grass, then she wouldn't give her life something as unnecessary as war.
WeedPower is freedom
Happy new year @ allGanjaSmokers