Teacup Pomeranian~ Puppy & Glass Tip Joint.

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Hello Steemit Community.

I Want To Share With You Only.

The Cutest Creature In The World.

My freind Natly Came To Visit Me With.

The Cutest Puppy Ever.

He is Very Fluffy.

Tiny Teacup Pomeranian Puppy.

Pomeranian is Conveniently Small & Cute


This is Richie.

I Was Smoking Skywalker Og Joint With Glass Tip.

When They Came To Visit Me.

He Got So Excited Start To Jump On Me.

I Gave Him Big Hug.

Look At Him So Adorable.


The Glass Tip Are Amazing.

Very Small & Cute.

Gives Smooth Taste Of Cannabis.

The SkyWalker Og Was Tasty Very High.

Faded But Motivated.
THC Level Is 25%.

Hope You Guys Like It.

Please Please Please

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Why you didn't give him a cigarette?))

It’s just photo I would never give dog something like that

It was a joke)) It'd good that you won't do them harm

Esta hermoso parece un algodón de azúcar

I love the glass joint tips. I made a handful of them like a year ago and pretty much use one any time I roll up. Feels way nicer on the mouth than the rolled cardboard tips.

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Good your photography, adorable pet!

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