Roll, Roll, Roll Your Dope!

in cannabis •  2 years ago

I've been looking for some cheap MJ stock ,but I decided to look at 'weedcoins' in the cryptospace and came across , or their BTCtalk Thread.

So what makes DopeCoin different ?

As the founder stated:

I will now reveal our game plan for DopeCoin Gold.

The marijuana industry has not only faced banking issues but also suffers scrutiny and restrictions in the world of advertising. Most of the world's largest advertising platforms simply will NOT accept or publish any kind of marijuana related products or advertisements to their userbase.

DopeCoin is here to offer a solution to this problem.

Our plan is to create an advertising platform that operates 100% on DopeCoin and allows marijuana businesses the opportunity to buy or sell advertising space.

Advertisers will be able to login to our platform and place ads on participating traffic sources with DopeCoin's. Additionally, marijuana based blogs and news sources will be able to host a banner spot on their site and earn DopeCoin's.

We will be creating a new startup, which will serve as both a blog and news source for marijuana and DopeCoin related news as well as the advertising platform itself.

If you take a look at the DopeCoin wallet, you will notice that the heart is actually a 300x250 banner spot. This placement within the wallet will be available for purchase and will act as our first test platform.

Once Reefer Media has been created we will focus our efforts on expanding the brand and reach out to all potential participants as we work to increase our userbase.

Moving forward into the future we will be looking to include 2 new team members to help with the project and will provide bounties for these roles.

Our requirements are to find another developer who is able to help us execute our vision and create the advertising platform.
Additionally, we will be looking for a blogger / writer who is able to spearhead the article creation and news for the new site.

Yes, our long-term goal is still to have DopeCoin used as a mainstream alternative currency for the marijuana industry and we will bo focused on this as a long-term goal. In the meantime, we will be focused on innovation and exploring new ideas and opportunities for the currency.

Thank you for your patience and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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